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NAEP Data Training Workshop

Overview and Purpose

The Summer 2020 NAEP Data Training Workshop will take place on May 28-30 in Arlington, VA. This workshop is for quantitative researchers with strong statistical skills who want to learn to conduct data analysis using NAEP data. The training is aimed at advanced graduate students, educational researchers at universities or other research organizations, analysts from state and local education agencies, and those interested in analyzing large-scale assessment data. The training will introduce the unique design features of NAEP and provide guidance and practice in the data analysis strategies required when using NAEP data.

The training will provide participants with hands-on practice in analyzing NAEP data files using the R program. During the training, participants will:

  • Be given an overview of NAEP operations, from framework and item development to reporting and dissemination;
  • Be introduced to the NAEP psychometric model;
  • Learn about and use plausible values and complex weights in analysis;
  • Learn to use the NAEP Data Explorer, EdSurvey (an R statistical package), and AM software;
  • Conduct and share statistical analysis projects using NAEP data; and
  • Hear about the challenges facing NAEP and opportunities in NAEP operations and research.
  • Give a brief presentation on challenges and successes in practicing with NAEP Data

A draft agenda for the training can be found here.


The training will be held on May 28-30 in Arlington, VA. Accepted applicants will be sent logistical details and materials.

Financial Support

There is no fee to attend. NCES will provide the training materials and the computers, software, and data for the hands-on training. NCES will also pay for transportation to Arlington, VA,1 hotel accommodations, and a fixed per diem for meals and incidental expenses during the training. Accepted applicants are expected to attend all sessions and be on time; financial support will be dependent on applicants' attending and completing the training.

Please note that individuals employed by a holder of a prime or subcontract under the Education Statistics Services Institutes Network (ESSIN) or NAEP Alliance contracts are ineligible to receive lodging, travel, or per diem reimbursement for this workshop.

1For international applicants only, financial support for transportation is capped at $500.

Application Process


Applicants should have a solid understanding of basic statistics and some topics in advanced statistics, such as procedures for analyzing complex survey data, and some familiarity with measurement theory, including item response theory. Participants should have some knowledge of performing statistical analysis in software packages such as R, SAS, or STATA. Please note, the training workshop will only utilize R.


July 28, 2020: NCES to Postpone Data Training to Spring/Summer 2021.

Thank you for your patience as NCES continues to monitor updates from local, national, and global public health authorities regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).
At this time, NCES has decided to postpone the in-person data training to the Spring/Summer of 2021.

The health and safety of our participants, presenters, and team members is our highest priority. We will update this site with specific dates as soon as they become available.
Our team is available to respond to any questions you have. Please email NAEP_RD@air.org with any questions or concerns.


If you are interested in applying to the training program, please click on the links below.

Provides details on what you need to submit an application. Please read prior to starting an application.


Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Match between their area of research interest and NAEP; applicants are encouraged to explore the NAEP Research Resources website prior to developing their area of research interest statement;
  • Potential to benefit from participation; and
  • Knowledge and skills in statistical analyses.