Analyzing NCES Data Using EdSurvey: A User’s Guide

0.1 Learning to Use EdSurvey

This user’s guide is intended for skipping around; the information is not ordered sequentially. To find help and see examples for a specific function, the question mark function allows users to get help about a function. For example, at the R prompt, after installing and loading EdSurvey, a user can get help about the downloadTIMSS function by typing ?downloadTIMSS.

0.1.1 Available Resources

Visit the EdSurvey page at for a full listing of EdSurvey resources.

0.1.2 Trainings

The EdSurvey development team provides periodic workshops on the analysis of national and international education data. To learn more about these course offerings,

0.1.3 Contact and Bug Report

Please report bugs and other issues on our GitHub repository at