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EdSurvey is an R statistical package designed for the analysis of national and international education data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). EdSurvey is a free resource, tailored to the processing and analysis of NCES large-scale education data—including NAEP—with appropriate procedures to analyze these data efficiently, taking into account their complex sample survey design and the use of plausible values.

How this work supports NAEP

The EdSurvey R statistical package addresses Phase 7 (Analyze and Report the Results) of the NAEP assessment process. EdSurvey meets the strategic vision to Inform, Innovate, & Engage by expanding “the availability, utility and use of NAEP.” Training offered under the NAEP R&D program can “strengthen and expand partnerships by broadening stakeholders’ awareness of NAEP and facilitating their use NAEP resources.”

Current Work

Explore more about EdSurvey development, and the latest updates on the project’s website, which includes information on new modules that support other phases of the assessment process as well as on:

  • How to install and load EdSurvey
  • Key functions
  • Technical papers
  • Team contacts

Other Resources

Group photo of the EdSurvey team.
EdSurvey Team presents at Winter 2019 NAEP Data Training Workshop