interactive NCES Results Display (iNRD)

The interactive NCES Results Display (iNRD) is a Shiny exploratory tool that visualizes results from NCES large-scale education data, including NAEP, across assessment years. The iNRD uses R statistical software and features an interactive interface with dropdowns, checkboxes, and slider bars for ease of use. When it is ready for public use, users will be able to explore NAEP results and create customized plots, including charts and maps, that display NAEP national, state, and Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) performance across multiple years, broken down across a variety of student groups. Users will also have the ability to download and save their plots to the png, pdf, or svg format.

How this work supports NAEP

The iNRD visualization tool addresses Phase 7 (Analyze and Report the Results) of the NAEP assessment process. Currently in its exploratory phase, iNRD has the potential to be a resource that meets the strategic vision to Inform, Innovate, & Engage by promoting “sustained dissemination and use of NAEP information beyond Report Card releases with consideration for multiple audiences and ever-changing multi-media technologies.”

Current Work

Currently, the iNRD is not available for public use; however, the research team is continuing to work on its functionality and is hoping to make it available to the public in the near future.

Other Resources

  • Review Presentation of EdSurvey and iNRD at washstat
A demo of the state map tool of the iNRD dashboard.
iNRD interactive State Grid Map displays state/jurisdiction performance in selected NAEP assessments (e.g., 2019 NAEP assessments in reading and mathematics assessments for grade 4 and 8) compared with the national average. These interactive plots can be aggregated by mean score, percentage, percentile, and achievement level.
A demo of the line graph tool of the iNRD dashboard.
iNRD NAEP Line Plots show student performance in NAEP for major demographic variables. These plots allow users to analyze performance trends by selected sample and subject.
A demo of the horizontal bar chart tool of the iNRD dashboard.
iNRD horizontal bar charts allow users to analyze performance trends using selected sample and subject scale aggregated by achievement level categories: NEAP Basic, NAEP Proficient, and NAEP Advanced.
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The Summer 2024 NAEP Data Training Workshop - Applications Open


Applications are now open for the summer 2024 NAEP Data Training Workshop! This workshop is for quantitative researchers with strong statistical skills who are interested in conducting data analyses using NAEP data. For the first time, participants in this year's training will get an introduction to COVID data collections. Learn more here!

EdSurvey e-book now available!


Analyzing NCES Data Using EdSurvey: A User's Guide is now available for input from the research community online here.  Check it out and give the team your feedback.