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Published on Friday, January 28, 2022

EdSurvey in 2022 and Beyond

EdSurvey in 2022 and Beyond

As discussed in the “NAEP R&D 2021 Year in Retrospect,” the EdSurvey program made big strides in 2021, including joining the official NAEP Database Products and the NAEP Data Companion and releasing updated packages with data from NHES, SOCCS, TIMSS 2019, OECD PISA 2018 Financial Literacy, and 2017 US PIACC. In 2022 and beyond, the EdSurvey program will continue to enhance usability and accessibility of NCES and international large-scale assessment data.

In addition to exploring additional NCES data sets that would benefit from inclusion in EdSurvey packages, the program team will work to expand the functions of the packages. One example of the functions being developed is a web-based interactive interface for NCES data display, which is intended to refine the reporting of data to increase its accessibility to the public. Development work will also build upon existing functions like plausible value generation and missing data imputation, improvements to non-linear weighted mixed models, and other improvements requested by users and approved for inclusion by NCES. In order to support users and stakeholders, more EdSurvey large-scale data analysis training series will be held at national and international conferences such as AERA and NCME, buttressed with vignettes and simulated NAEP-like data for practice and research.

Through these efforts, the EdSurvey program will continue to facilitate and expand access to and increase the usability of NAEP and other large-scale education data.

Please check the National Council on Measurement in Education and the American Educational Research Association for the latest information about their 2022 Annual Meetings being hosted April 21–24, 2022 and April 21–26, 2022, respectively, in San Diego, CA. We will update the R&D Hub with information on how to register for the EdSurvey trainings at these conferences as soon as possible.

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