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Published on Friday, April 22, 2022

The EdSurvey E-book is Now Available!

The EdSurvey E-book is Now Available!

Analyzing NCES Data Using EdSurvey: A User's Guide is the first introductory manual dedicated to introducing the EdSurvey R package to the education research community. EdSurvey, an R statistical package with provisions for Dire and WeMix, is a free resource tailored for processing and analyzing NCES large-scale education data, including NAEP.

Until now, NCES’s instruction for the use of the EdSurvey package has been delivered through national and international conferences like the NCME annual meeting, in scientific journals, and via NAEP Data Training Workshops.

This e-book manual is a living document with scope for revisions and additions. The EdSurvey development team is looking for feedback from the research community, so please share your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the EdSurvey user manual and tool on the EdSurvey GitHub repository.

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